8 Apr 2021  • 

City Of Fort St John Collective Agreement

City Manager Dianne Hunter brought home the highest salary among municipal employees and earned $236,614.48 in fees and registration fees of $11,206.08 $US. The late captain Ryan Tancock was the second highest paid employee who earned US$191,533.76 and spent $509.02. Fire Captain Brent Morgan rounded out the top three last year with a salary of 187,432.22 $US and zero expenses. The report, which is due to be adopted by city councils next Monday, contains the annual accounts for the year ended December 31, 2017, which were presented to Council on May 14. In a press release, communications coordinator Ryan Harvey said the city maintained two union agreements, one with BCGEU and the other with IAFF, in addition to exempt employees. The exempt staffing policy is reviewed every three years and is expected to be the 60th percentile of comparable wages on the market. General office staff support finance, legislative services, facilities and land, recreation and recreation, planning and engineering, the board and city manager`s office. Councillor Lilia Hansen won the smallest amount among city councillors and won 7,383 $US last year, although her term began after last fall`s by-election. In total, salaries paid to the seven municipal councillors amounted to only $221,928.95, for a total expenditure of $94,301.60. Councillor Trevor Bolin was the only board member not to charge. FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – The City of Fort St John released its 2017 financial statement showing that firefighters make up the majority of the highest-paid municipal staff.

In total, the city paid $11,847,704.54 $US in compensation and reimbursed $211,519.39 in expenses for employees who earned more than $75,000 a year in 2017. For employees earning less than $75,000 per year, this cost is $7,462,329.18 and $62,972.04, respectively. Our recreation staff work at the Pomeroy Sports Centre, North Peace Leisure Pool, North Peace Arena and Kids Arena Field House. They provide many programs in our buildings and outdoors in our parks. Our RCMP support staff assist our police officers in the department in a wide range of positions, from guards to administrative assistance. In 2018, the City will partner with SAIT Corporate Training Solutions to offer courses credited via SAIT, which will allow participants to complete the City of Fort St. John`s Supervisor Skills Certificate and SAIT. This program also qualifies candidates for additional certification by SAIT, the courses that are attended by the city supervisor training program are also credited to SAIT certification programs. This is a valuable opportunity for employees in supervisory and management positions or who wish to prepare to become supervisors in order to receive training through the city`s learning and development program. The City of Fort St John is recruiting staff to preserve our streets, parks, services and infrastructure. This work may require a certified company competency. During the business period of the year, the City of Fort St John recruits full-time staff for specific employment in many departments (Grounds, Public Works, Visitor Center, Pool and Planning).

The City of Fort St John recruits staff from many departments as part-time and auxiliary officers. Auxiliary workers may cover regular leave and health care upon request and/or in the event of an incident.