12 Apr 2021  • 

Sole Agreement Meaning

However, with the prospect of having to spread their fee, agents will generally impose higher fees than they would otherwise be able to claim under agency or exclusive distribution agreements. We are a business transfer agent company and are currently reviewing our SSR agreement, please advise if you have entered into an agreement for a business transfer agent, as well as your fees. Where a representative is mandated under an exclusive right-of-sale agreement, only that representative can, for the duration of the exclusive sale period, market the transaction for sale. It is of course quite possible that an exclusive sales contract will be terminated and that a seller will then order a new real estate agent to market the property for sale. However, according to the wording of the original contract, the original agent may continue to be entitled to a royalty if he has entered into the subsequent buyer or conducted negotiations during his single right-of-sale contract, while the new representative has been able to proceed with the actual introduction. If the old active substance was implemented effectively, it does not matter if it has proven to be an effective introduction [Dashwood vs. Fleurets]. Legal rights in the game depend to a large extent on what you want to protect. In English law, the idea of a particular business model is generally not protected by intellectual protection, but as long as the information is not public, you can enjoy some protection through confidentiality agreements and the law of trust. The only and exclusive expression of the license certainly occurs in the attribution of the language. Here is a random example of EDGAR: “Royalty-free” seems to mean different things in different contexts.

I have seen that it is used for licenses for which there is only one down payment, but no current payments. Elsewhere, I have seen that it is used in terms of licenses that are totally free or with respect to licenses related to paid services, but which do not attract separate fees.