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Sustainability Statement

At Gilt Edged Promotions,  we recognise that true success is not simply about maximising profit; for us it is much broader than that. We believe it is crucial that we make a positive impact on the communities in which we work and we continually strive to make sure our business practices do not have a negative impact on future generations. 

We have identified three primary areas within our business that serve as our key focal points:  

Increase awareness of sustainability issues

• Provide regular training to our team on our sustainability issues, goals and achievements

• Increase awareness of our sustainable range of products providing the option of choice to our clients with every enquiry received 

• Communicate and collaborate with the wider community and our stakeholders on all aspects of sustainability  

Create a healthy, safe and secure workplace with development opportunities

• Ensure all staff members feel emotionally safe and promote initiatives such as a healthy work-life balance

• Actively encourage and provide time for employees to support local charitable causes

• Provide training to our team on diversity and inclusion and ensure this is adopted throughout the business 

Reduce the environmental footprint of our operations 

• Choose transportation methods that balance quality of delivery with the least environmental impact

• Increase recycling and eliminate the use of plastic packaging where possible, working towards a zero to landfill initiative

• Improve resource efficiency minimising water, fuel and energy usage where possible

• Continue to review all raw materials used within the production of our diary, calendar and notebook range and make changes where possible that will have a positive impact on the environment

• Ensure compliance and good governance across the supply chain

The practical steps we are taking to achieve these include:

• Installation of triple glazing to enhance the energy efficiency of our premises

• The provision of an Employee Assistance Programme that promotes and provides mental health and well-being support and advice on financial issues

• Conduct meetings virtually online where possible and promote the use of public transport

• Become an active member within the local community and collaborate with them on sustainability issues

• Seek to work with suppliers that are closer to us to reduce our carbon footprint, whilst ensuring we are not compromising the quality of our products 

• Conduct additional and regular training and awareness sessions promoting inclusivity and diversity

• Providing work experience placements for young adults  

We have already achieved success in a number of areas, here are a few of our most recent triumphs: 

Enhanced our product offering
In 2023 all paper used within the production of our diaries and notebooks became FSC.
Installation of Energy efficiency lighting
Installation of PIR LED lighting within the offices of our new building to enable us to become more energy efficient.
Revised our finishing options
In 2022 we stopped screen printing and now offer digital transfer options instead, a more energy & resource efficient way of finishing our clothing product range.
Installation of recycling bins for paper and plastic
In June 2022 we introduced a recycling system that presorts our waste before collection. This assists our waste management company during the sorting process and enables us to physically see how much waste we are producing, we have noted since installing this more reusable bottles and less paper wastage has occurred.
Reduction in the use of plastic bags
In March 2019 we stopped individually bagging all garments which significantly reduced our plastic usage. Whilst we recognize that some clients may need this we do not actively encourage it.
Reduction in printing documents internally 
In 2019 we made an active decision to reduce printing out documents as much as possible and at our last review in October 2022 we had reduced this by over 50%. 

We commit to monitoring and reviewing our performance and taking corrective action where necessary.