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myNo Journal

Introducing myNo Journal

So why did we decide to design myNo Journal? The simple answer is choice and flexibility. For journal users, we wanted something that people could start at any point in the year, no more wasting a quarter of the book because you didn’t start on January 1st. For note takers we wanted to add the benefits of planning and recording your life without being forced to do so. myNo Journal has been designed to work for you, however you choose to use it is the correct way to use it.

So what can you do with a myNo Journal?


myNo Journal - Year Planner

Year planning

We have included a year planner that has space for 2 years of planning.

myNo Journal - Perpeptual Calendar

Perpetual calendar

Also included is a perpetual calendar so you can work out any date from now until 2048.

myNo Journal - Journalling


60 weeks’ worth of journal entry space, enough to get you through the next 14 months. There are also areas to record daily priorities, times of events and shows a full week.


myNo Journal - Year Planner

Weekly notes

Each of the 60 weekly journal pages is accompanied by a page of lined notes. This makes it easy to keep your thoughts and notes near the things you were doing at the time.

myNo Journal - Dot Grid Notes

Dot grid notes

There are also 62 additional notes pages using a dot grid. This was designed specifically to help you neatly draw diagrams, plan areas and sketch out concepts



myNo Journal - Conversion charts

Conversion charts

Our conversion charts will help you with those tricky unit conversions without having to resort to Google.

myNo Journal - Rulers


The centimetre and inch rulers on the final page are more useful that you can imagine, unless you carry a ruler around with you all day!


Bullet Journaling

myNo Journal

What is Bullet Journaling?

Bullet Journaling is a simple system that turns a notebook into a tool to help you plan and organise your life and notes.

By using these tips with your myNo Journal you will be able to use it like a traditional diary and plan ahead easily. You will also be able to see at a glance which things you need to be doing and which are top priorities



myNo Journal - Branding

Options for everyone

The branding options on myNo Journals are excellent. Our standard options include foil blocking and blind embossing of your logo or message. This year we have also introduced DigiFlex printing, this allows for full colour digital print on your myNo Journals.

If you are looking for something a little more unique, myNo Journal is also available using our Infinity or Laminate finishes*. These are bespoke printed hard covers that match your brand, pantone colour or campaign exactly.

myNo Journal is made using our soft touch Brandhide material. They are A5 sized and available in 4 different colour options. Black/Red, Black/Green, Black/Blue or Black/Black.

*Quantities over 500 units