23 Nov 2023  •  Promotional gifts

How to Get Organised in 2024 with Promotional Products

A guide for Business Owners, HR, Marketing Professionals, CEOs and employers.

Being prepared and getting ahead of schedule is particularly essential in today’s world with forever busy lifestyles and manic working patterns.


Firstly, a challenge that many workers face is trying to stay organised when we are trying to master the art multi-tasking. In today’s fast-paced world, we therefore firstly recommend a corporate calendar that has large space for writing your key dates.

Why not use our Bespoke Wall Calendars or Custom Branded Office Desk calendars to get your brand heard at the same time. These can be gifted to clients or your team to help them stay organised too. As well our corporate bespoke options, we also provide the following which are more affordable options than a bespoke one.

Physical calendars are more than just a digital calendar on Teams or Slack. They can be used anywhere, can be easily transportable, whilst they can be a true reflection of your brand.

Ideal for:
Sales Teams: Logging meetings, customer visits, targets, personal performance
HR & Marketing: Keeping track of awareness days for external and internal marketing campaigns
CEOs and MDs: Managing busy schedules
All Other Employees and Clients: Tracking key dates and appointment reminders

Journals and Notebooks

Secondly, in addition to calendars, journals can also be a helpful tool for staying on track. Unlike tracking key dates in a calendar, journals and notebooks are great for self-reflection. Our Wellness Journals feature Self-Reflection and Day Planner Pages which are great for tracking thoughts and boosting individual and career related performance. Try the below.


Next up, we recommend a bunch of pens to help stay organised. How many times have you tried to find one? Plastic pens, metal pens, stylus pens… whatever sort of pen you’re looking for, we’re sure you will find it here.

Pens are great for note taking and for writing down reminders for important tasks and events. Even better, why not have your company branding featured as a promotional gift so that your customers can be well-organised and be reminded of your company.

Never miss an appointment with a promotional pen like these Premium Quality Regency Ball Pens or this Parker Jotter Ballpoint pen paired with our calendars.

Be even more efficient with digital integration! That’s right. Consider combining digital tools. Use your promotional pen to make quick notes on your smartphone or tablet. You may like our Carbon Fibre Soft Stylus Pen which is ideal for your soft touch devices or pens featuring a barcode scanner.

Travel Mugs

Lastly, travel mugs are suitable for being out and about whether that is to and from client meetings, travelling to work by train, or attending a corporate event overseas.

Beat the morning blues with your coffee at the ready with a travel mug. Your colleagues or clients will adore this useful gift with great space for your company logo engraved or printed, giving your brand that added exposure wherever your gift receiver goes!

And that is how to stay organised for 2024. Be sure to also check out our diaries and sustainable business cards.

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