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Our Promises to You


We value your custom and respect that you have chosen to buy your garments from us. Your order will be checked for quality at every stage of the production, and we guarantee that your items will be of high quality. We are proud of our delivery record and have built our reputation on our 98% delivery on time record.


We promise to respond to your query with an answer and resolution within 24 hours.


If any items need to be replaced then we promise to do this within 7 days of the issue being brought to our attention.


We promise to contact you to review your order within 14 days after delivery. We want to ensure that you were happy with all elements of the process from quotation stage right through to delivery.


We hope that you will order from us again. We promise to keep all of your details and artwork stored efficiently for future use. This will make the process of re-ordering very simple and straight forward.