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Promotional Lanyards

Promotional lanyards are useful, lightweight, versatile and can have so many different branding options, providing your business with great advertising exposure on a regular basis.

Printed lanyards have so many uses, for example as part of a uniform, to hold passes at exhibitions and events, or for security requirements. They are perfect to use as promotional giveaway items as anyone will be able to find a use for them – they can even be used to carry keys and mobile phones. By using promotional lanyards, your business will be easily recognisable in any environment.

You can use attachments with your branded lanyards to tailor them to your company’s needs. We can provide you with badge reels, carabiners, clips, and even phone holders to use with promotional lanyards so they can be used in any way that is required. By adding these attachments, promotional lanyards can become extremely useful for anyone on the move as they can attach things to their lanyard, ensuring that nothing is left behind.

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Lanyards come in a huge ranges of colours and styles, as well as a variety of materials and designs. From flat woven to tubular, and satin applique to reflective strips, we can supply a type of lanyard suitable for any business that can all be branded with your company information. We can even provide you with recycled PET lanyards to show your support for the environment and a way to show your company is being environmentally friendly.

By giving your employees promotional lanyards, this will make your workers feel closer to the company and will attract the attention of more potential customers while the employees are out and about. Also by giving out branded lanyards at various events, these will prove useful for any potential customer, therefore making them associate your company with the usefulness of the promotional lanyard. You could also send printed lanyards to your most loyal customers, as by receiving a promotional gift they will feel more valued by the company which in turn may make those customers more likely to recommend you to others.