19 Jan 2023  •  Branded gifts

19 Branded Bag Ideas to Impress your Audience, from Eco, to Luxury, to Budget-Friendly

Want some bag ideas to impress clients as giveaways or as corporate gifts? Unsure which ones can be branded? Then this blog will help you decide. A well-established promotional product supplier in Northampton, UK – Gilt Edged Promotions, reveals 19 types of branded bags that are great for promoting your brand at exhibitions, events, or work, across any industry. This includes fashionable trends for the eco-friendly, budget conscious, and luxury upmarket customer types.

Laminate Bags

First up, we highly recommend Laminate bags which is great for setting your business apart from the competition. Add your logo, branding, and design on these sleek stylish bags for the perfect finish and you will impress any client! Wow them with this choice. Ideal for companies looking for branded bags with a premium look and feel.


Next up, we suggest Drawstring bags as a budget friendly branded promo idea that will impress your audience. This is the perfect useful giveaway that your clients will reuse whilst promoting your brand. Just make sure that your artwork and colour choices look appealing so that your customers will want to use it regularly! Once you’ve nailed that, you’ll have people walking around with your logo on in no time.

Laptop and Tablet Bags

This one isn’t just for clients…. Impress your staff too with this perfect personalised corporate gift! If you employ salespeople, advisors, engineers, and other staff that are out and about networking with clients, having your company logo printed on a laptop bag provides a great impression. This trendy premium bag type is sure to set you apart from other businesses giving your company that edge that others don’t have! A great branded bag for a corporate look and feel.

Reusable Goodie Bags

Additionally, re-usable goodie bags are a huge hit at events by adding your product merchandise, brochures, or leaflets in. These fashionable bags for any industry can be easily folded which saves up space in offices and storage rooms before packing them for the big event day. This makes it ideal for ordering large quantities. Are you expecting a large footfall at your event? Do you want to provide giveaways to a significant number of clients? Perhaps you want to store some bags away for your next event? Then this is the perfect flatpack, trendy and budget friendly option whilst promoting your brand to its fullest! This ‘Large Natural Jute Bag‘ is a great eco-friendly option.

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