17 Apr 2023  •  B2B Marketing

Top Corporate Tech Gifts Every Company Should Know About!

With the rising trends in technology, you may have an idea of some branded merchandise in mind, but perhaps you don’t know where to start. Maybe you are not aware of all the different range of technology related gifts that are available to you. If this sounds like you, you may wish to discover our Selfie Promotional Ring Light, Branded Charging Station, or our personalised Tech Gift Sets. See what else we suggest below.

Personalised Indoor and Outdoor Speakers

Firstly, we recommend something that will set your business apart from your competitors. Your customers may love our speakers that make great promotional giveaways. We provide anything from our LED Deluxe Speakers to our classic Cube Speakers (seen in image below). This Cube Speaker can connect to a device by Bluetooth or the line audio cable (provided). A great compact design with clear sound quality with tremendous space for printing logos. See other speakers here for inspiration.

Charging Gift Sets

Secondly, the Pro-Charging Gift Set is a popular choice which is no surprise with its 3 in 1 cable. These are great for premium brands.

Who doesn’t love handy gadgets now a days? Check our other premium boxed gifts that can be branded with your logo.


Next up, we recommend USBs. This is a safe classic option. For something more unusual, the Cork USB Stick is sure to be a hit with its impressive shape and unique material.

Ever thought about an eco-friendly USB? This Cardboard USB has a shell made from 100% recyclable cardboard.  This cost-effective option is perfect for any company budget! Perhaps you want to see our best sellers.

PC Accessories

Other ideas you must try is our branded Mouse Mats and personalised screen cleaner spray. With the rising trend of working from home, our PC accessories are therefore a wise choice! Perhaps your audience run web cam calls in the office, in which case, opt for a webcam cover.

Selfie Ring Light

Next, we have our selfie ring light. Every time your customers interacts with their phone and takes a selfie, they will be reminded of your brand. We find that this is a popular choice for any industry!
Your customers take a selfie = they see your brand = they are likely to order from you again.

Fun and Quirky Gadgets

For a slightly different gift option whether that is our Charging Station, Smart Finder Deluxe, Adapters, or Car Deluxe Chargers, these provide the prefect opportunity of setting your brand apart. Subject to availability.

Stuck for Choice?

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