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Rugby World Cup Merchandise Ideas for Any Business This 2023!

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When is the Rugby World Cup?

Get ready and prepared for the 8th September – 28th October 2023 when the Ruby World Cup takes place. You may be thinking of the right branded merchandise to give to your clients within the theme of this sporting event.

When Should I start Ordering World Cup Themed Merchandise?

Top tip: Make sure you place your order in a suitable time ahead of your occasion. We would recommend submitting your enquiry one or two months before which will leave room to make any final changes to your artwork, but we will always source last minute items for shorter lead times.

The 7 Rugby Merch Trends to Watch out for!

The Practical Item: Bespoke Jacquard Knitted Scarfs and Beanie Hats

Firstly, personalised hats and scarfs are recommended to celebrate this tournament because your fans will want to wrap up warm in October.

Whether you want to see colours that represent the flag of your client’s supporting team, or the host country with a personalised message, or whether you want to keep your brand image on point, we have a scarf for that! Our bespoke scarf and bespoke hat can include your company colours and logos so that when your clients are wearing their scarf, they will be reminded of your brand.

Why these Jacquard scarfs and hats from Gilt Edged Promotions? Our bespoke winter pair are made from high quality yarn in Yorkshire making these fantastic high quality ‘Made in Britain’ products.

The Premium Item: Rugby Inspired Shirts

Secondly, you might want to consider merchandise that can be used regularly and all year round by your customers, getting more exposure to your brand. Even though it is Rugby themed, don’t lose sight of your brand. The best way to facilitate this is by simply adding your company logo.

Our snazzy and premium looking shirts will impress any Rugby fan. This Panelled Rugby Shirt has a traditional white woven collar and inner placket with a sewn-in contrast stripe around the body and sleeves (middle picture). We also have this trendy Sewn Stripes Rugby Shirt (left image) and options for women. Check out this semi-fitted style ladies garment with a rugby collar, of which style is traditionally worn by members of the Rugby teams.

The Interactive Item: Stress Balls

A further promotional product giveaway idea is Stress Rugby Balls. These stress toys are effective advertising items. Try customising these with your company branding to implement your successful campaign.

See our Stress Dual Colour Rugby Balls (left image). We also have pantone matched options with an additional 8 stocked colours – green, red, white, black, orange, blue, green, silver and yellow.

The Budget Friendly Gift: Cakes, Cookies, and Chocolates

If you are looking for something suited to most audiences, then edible merchandise used at events, corporate gatherings, or as a gift could be ideal.

To kickstart your World Cup celebrations, try our vegan friendly biscuits wrapped in eco film. Rugby World Cup themed cupcakes are also a memorable reward for sports enthusiasts celebrating this incredible event. Or how about a milk chocolate bar decorated with Rugby themed artwork. Consider a bar that is individually wrapped, making them an excellent choice to hand out at your World Cup Celebrations.

Browse additional treats for your business here:

The Memorable Gift: Keyrings

Perhaps you are looking to gift something acting as a form of memorabilia? If this is the case, we offer World Cup themed keyrings with your logo on. Your customers might like a physical gift that that they can keep whilst lasting a long time.

If you gift this product with your logo on, they will remember your brand every time they open their door!

The Eco Gift: Oval Shaped Seedsticks

Another fantastic idea to consider is unique personalised seedsticks. This is a great eco-friendly choice allowing for a large print area. You can incorporate any logo or message like these oval shaped seedsticks fitting in with the theme of this big event.

Your audience can plant these seeds in their garden making it great fun for their friends and family. A great conversational starter gift that allows them to remember your brand in a fun way.

The Fun Gift: Rugby Themed Pen

Lastly, funky banded pens like this Rugby themed pen are a top choice as a subtle marketing item. People like to receive something different, and by having a writing instrument that is less traditional than a standard pen, offers the opportunity to set your business apart from the rest.

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We at Gilt Edged Promotions offer more than just the above range including teddies with a personalised shirt that can be World Cup themed along with bespoke diaries, drinkware, bags and more.

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