24 Aug 2023  •  Branded products

How We Personalise Merchandise with Our New Printer!

Assisting in the print of our promotional products in our Northampton based product facilities (bags, hats, coasters, keyrings, notebooks and more)!

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About the Printer

We are thrilled to announce that we have strengthened our finishing capacity by investing in a white tone printer that can be used to print artwork onto certain promotional gifts in-house. This new technology named ‘Colour Craft’ allows for enhanced finishing on products, and so we are thrilled to be using this alongside our other existing machinery for alternative detailing such as embroidery.

Achieves Outstanding Image Quality – White Print and Colour

“Our latest investment allows for print on a flat surface item to pop, thus achieving outstanding image quality by using the latest white toner technology” explains Chris, Print and Production Supervisor at Gilt Edged Promotions. A white print in addition to colour can now be achieved by using the same machine. This gives promotional products an edge and full control of personalisation.

We understand that businesses who want to order branded promotional merchandise often opt for a full colour print, using a broad spectrum of colour amongst their branding”

adds Laura Smyth, Senior Marketing Executive at Gilt Edged Promotions.

“Our printers have always allowed for vivid colours, but what is different about the new one is the ability to print directly onto white, so it is a quicker process for the production team in-house.”

The design sent in by our customers are set to print before we take it to our heat press to seal the artwork ready to apply onto the product. This is an example of artwork designed for a Tote Bag.

Increased Output in Production

Achieving a great quality image or wording onto merchandise is not the only benefit of this new machinery. Chris explains…

“With the old machine, an extra process was involved, so we are pleased that our investment has also led to increased output.”

The equipment that we had used before meant that an extra step was needed. This means that we now have the additional capability of processing more orders. This is exciting times for us where we are expected to see continued growth as a B2B gifts and merchandise supplier. A second step however where a ‘cooking process’ (shown in image below) is still needed, but having the new printer still reduces even more steps that are no longer required.

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Chris – Our Production Supervisor using the Transfer Press after the artwork has been printed on the ‘Colour Craft’ printer. This machine warms the artwork ready for it to go onto the bag.

Increased Output in Production

Our customers can get hold of mostly any promotional merchandise they can think of at Gilt Edged Promotions. In terms of finishing (the printing of artwork onto an item), using our new Colour Craft Printer in-house, simply think of anything that has a flat surface including:

Bags, clothing and some hats
• Coasters
• Flat stationery like pencil cases

And more.

When Would Colour Craft be Used?

If a customer is seeking a design that that has a large area, so for instance, a large logo with patterns around it, then this printer would be used. Smaller finer details such as a logo on the front of a jacket, is more suited for a different machine like our embroidery equipment that we also have in-house. A customer does not really need to know this much detail, as we at at Gilt Edged Promotions will decide for the customer, how to best detail the item. If a customer wants a diary with jazzy funky prints (e.g. a zoo might want merchandise with animals featuring across the whole diary cover), then this printer will be ideal.

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This notebook cover has been printed using our new Colour Craft machine! The colour really does pop! Great for adding bright artwork and logos to your promotional merchandise.

The Process

Lastly, discover the processes of how our merch is made in-house.

  1. We upload the artwork sent from the customer
  2. We send the artwork to the new Colour Craft printer
  3. We use a heat press to seal the artwork
  4. We wait for it to cool down and peel off the material, resulting in a great quality finished product with company branding on the item

To see how we personalise Tote Bags here at Gilt Edged Promotions within our Northampton facilities, catch the action by watching our new video. Watch and discover how we print artwork onto a Tote Bag using our new printer!

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