12 Sep 2023  •  Branded products

Promotional Gifts Company Combats Climate Change Through Plant Based Merchandise

How We Make a Difference

To combat climate change, Gilt Edged reduces carbon footprint through branded products by offering plant based promotional merchandise to businesses.

By 2050, our Oceans will contain more plastic than fish by weight. We are keen to be green and so we will be continuing to let businesses know about plant-based gifts that are a great alternative to plastics which end up in landfill.

All plants absorb carbon dioxide, so the more plants we grow, the more carbon dioxide is absorbed and according to NOAA (2023), growing plants absorbs approx. 30% of all carbon dioxide emitted by humans each year. This is imperative because carbon dioxide (CO2) is one of the main greenhouse gases that contributes to climate change.

If we grow our own food and support local agriculture, we can reduce our impact on the environment and promote a healthier, more sustainable food system.

By incorporating fruits and herbs in our gardens, we will be assisting in local food production and reduced carbon emissions due to long distance transportation of produce. This therefore makes the perfect merchandise. Gifts doesn’t have to harm the environment. Client gifts can actually help the environment, and we are are huge advocates of eco merchandise.

Planting encourages biodiversity and enriches environments by creating a safe space for important insects and animals.

Bees are a great example where we need to protect their habitat. This is vital as over a third of the world’s food relies on insects to pollinate them” (WWF, 2023). Seeds like wildflowers can protect the bees which are also available from us.

On a single day in summer, one acre of wildflower meadow can contain 3 million flowers, producing 1 kg of nectar sugar. That’s enough to support nearly 96,000 honey bees per day. Over a third of the world’s food relies on insects to pollinate them.” (WWF, 2023).

We understand that planting also boosts social sustainability due to the physical and mental health benefits of gardening whilst helping the climate.

Promotional Seeds

Our seed sticks make the perfect corporate gift that is fully sustainable, and you should think about this for your next promotional giveaway due to these 10 reasons in our catalogue, p.7 or see in image below.

Made from 100% recycled FSC certified board, veg and soy inks, and non-toxic glue ensures the highest germination rates in the country according to one of our suppliers ‘Sow Easy’.

Plant pencils, seed sticks, plantable greeting cards, award winning eco branded seedcells as seen on Dragon’s Den are just some examples of products that can create a sustainable future within the industry of promotional merchandise. See more.

By providing these products, we protect habitats, reduce air pollution, improve soil quality, and mitigate climate change by absorbing carbon dioxide, enhance wellbeing and most importantly, without plants, there will be no food.

Over the next 12 months, we strive to promote our branded seeds and gifts for clients or staff. If one order is created for a business generated for 600 members of staff, or an order needed for a big event such as 5,000 attendees, we would be making a significant positive impact contributing to our environmental strategy. For every one seed we sell, 30% of carbon dioxide emitted by humans each year will be absorbed.

Our goal to achieving a net zero target is achieved with some business orders. For example, instead of ordering plastic pens, a simple alternative with zero plastic and 100% FSC board means that we are keeping emissions as low as possible. ESO (2023) defines net zero as ‘balancing’ or cancelling out any carbon we produce. We reach net zero when the amount of greenhouse gas we produce is no more than the amount taken away and more plants are a great way to reach net zero.

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