14 Sep 2023  •  Promotional workwear

Working with Leading Apparel Manufacturer, Gildan, Gives us a Sustainable Edge!

‘Delivering Commitment to Sustainability Amongst People, Environment and Communities

We are a Northampton based merchandise and branded gifts supplier that puts sustainability into the heart of everything that we do.

This starts with choosing suppliers that have a commitment to sustainability.

We supply ethically sourced workwear and uniform from Gildan; one of the leading vertically integrated manufacturers in the world. From spinning the yarn, dyeing the fabric, and sewing clothes, they do it all ethically.

After we source eco clothing from green suppliers like Gildan, we then screen print or engrave logos onto the garment.

“It is where we source the clothing from that really matters” adds Laura Smyth, Senior Marketing Executive, Gilt Edged Promotions.  

We want to make sure that our suppliers have impactful meaningful strategies.

Gildan’s ESG Approach

Gildan wants to positively change how apparel is made and we are fond of their ESG strategy that is a critical driver of our overall success and future growth. See below.

Respect for the Environment

Paving the way towards a low-carbon future while reducing water use and optimising our operations.

– Reduce Scope 1 and 2 GHG emissions by 30%
– Reduce water intensity by 20%

Respect for Circularity

Fostering a circular economy to reduce our environmental impact on the planet.

– Source 100% sustainable cotton

– Source 30% recycled polyester or alternative fibres and yarns
– Use 75% recycled or sustainable packaging and trims materials
– Achieve zero manufacturing waste.

Respect for People

Respecting human rights, health and safety standards, and diversity, equity, and inclusion
everywhere we operate.

– Achieve gender parity within the employee group encompassing Director level and
above positions

– Have 100% of owned and operated factories ISO 45001 certified

Respect for Communities

Positively impacting economic development in our regions with value-driven community
investments and volunteerism.


– Allocate 1% of pre-tax earnings towards local community initiatives

Respect for Transparency

Transparently sharing our journey with all our stakeholders.


– Align to TCFD framework through stand-alone subsequent disclosure reporting, detailing our
climate-related governance, strategy, risk management metrics, and targets while further enhancing and strengthening ESG disclosure across focus areas.

Gildan’s ESG Commitment

Our biggest supplier’s commitment at Gildan is operating responsibly, ethically, and transparently and we are huge advocates of this. Gildan’s decades-long commitment to ESG allows it to produce clothes sustainably, with respect for the environment, people, and all other factors involved.

Recognition and Partnerships

Tributes to Gildan’s standards, performance, and strength in making meaningful sustainability advancements.

Gildan’s Cotton Commitment

“We place a high emphasis on sourcing and purchasing high-quality, sustainably grown cotton. That’s why we primarily buy U.S. cotton because of the inherent ethical and sustainable benefits that it has as a highly regulated crop. Approximately 90% of the cotton for our apparel comes from the United States.

Gildan partners with credible organisations to provide all its stakeholders with additional assurances that the cotton purchased from the United States is sustainably grown with low environmental and social risk” quotes Gildan.

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