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Mushroom Dome LED Light

LH64KH-C Minimum Quantity 20
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Mushroom Dome LED Light

No.1 Tech Executive Gift - High-end corporate gift that your customers will fall in love with and use continuously.  

Adhering to our product commitment to design, tech and art, this has been exclusively created has in a captivating way with a modern look and luxury appeal. 

Why this should be a top choice for your clients!

- Features cutting edge technology

- It's certainly something different and memorable. 

- Acts as keepsake gift for your guests to cherish for a long time

- It's a medium portable LED lamp

- 9 LED colours at the touch of your hand! 

- Water resistant - Designed with IPX4 water resistant casing

- 24 hours battery life 

- Beautiful finish - stylish and sleek quality that can be used to create a fun or cozy atmosphere

- Features a push activation light and dimmer 

- Rechargeable via USB-C (cable included) or wirelessly  

Contact us to enquire. We can provide this branded as well as plain stock.  The quantity increases to an MOQ of 50 for branding on them.