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Sunrise Alarm Clock Lamp

LR153 Minimum Quantity 16
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Sunrise Alarm Clock Lamp

Product Features: 

– Sunrise alarm clock
– Pure VA LCD display
– Sunrise & Sunset simulation
– 5 melodies & natural sounds
– Lamp with 9 LED colours
– Dimmer
– Touch controls  

This is more than just a wake-up light. Our Sunrise is a 3-in-1 lamp with sunrise and sunset effects, alarm clock and multi-coloured lighting. Wake-up gently thanks to the progressive daylight simulator combined with natural sounds at the desired time. Use the sunset function to fall asleep peacefully.   

It's sleek and intuitive - With its compact shape, aluminium base and high-quality display, Sunrise has been designed to complement your nightstand and to be easy to interact with. Pressing the top of the lamp will turn the light on/off, choose among the 9 LED colour, adjust brightness, or stop the ongoing alarm.